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Establishing a Data Virtualization Service for the University

November 1, 2023 - 3:30pm Eastern US

The University of Illinois is purchasing technology to enable us to create a data virtualization service.  This presentation is an overview of the goals of our initiative and the methodology to establish a service that delivers on those goals.  In addition to reviewing the goals of the data virtualization service that we are planning we will be leading a discussion with the audience for their approach to implementing a data virtualization service with their university community (both completed and planned).

 During our Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Modernization Analysis project that we just completed, the addition of a data virtualization service was the top new service desired.  In discussions with the project stakeholders, we have identified several goals for how the service should support the university community.  We know other universities have implemented a data virtualization service or are considering implementing one.  We wish to learn from the collective knowledge of the audience to ensure we are giving consideration to the needs of our constituents as we configure the technology and develop the operational procedures to support the data virtualization service.  Meanwhile for those that are considering a data virtualization service, they will find the presentation and discussion helpful for their own plans. 

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